About Us

Grandma Crunch was created with a passion for innovation and a hope to make a change in the world.
The story of Grandma Crunch
Grandma Crunch has watched the world change over the years. She's specifically seen the food industry move towards heavily processed foods using refined sugars and preservatives. 
Grandma believes the future of food is better than that. Grandma's recipes keep her fit and strong and now she's ready to show the world!
She's on a mission to create a better future for the planet and with her recipe book in hand, she's constantly concocting new ways to keep the world healthy and happy. 
What's so special about her recipes?
Her recipes main ingredients are plant-based proteins. These are complete proteins, which give you the building blocks to maintain healthy muscles.
Her recipes are always low carb with zero added sugar. Grandma doesn't use sugar and instead uses Erythritol, a plant-based sugar substitute which doesn't spike your insulin and contains little-to-no calories. Learn more about this here.
She doesn't use preservatives and avoids gluten, grain, wheat and dairy. 
Her intentions are to keep our products keto friendly and diabetic friendly whilst providing you the right building blocks for your body. 
Grandma's recipes are also high in fibre, which is key to a full, healthy gut.
Her recipes are always plant-based, to ensure minimal environmental impact.
What so special about ordering at grandmacrunch.com?
Rest assured when ordering through Grandma Crunch, you're creating an environmentally positive effect. 
We offset all deliveries to make them carbon neutral and additionally when orders are made through the website, you are removing either:
  • 1kg of plastic from the ocean
  • planting five trees
You can even track how much you've done for the environment by ordering through Grandma Crunch!
Approved by Grandma!

Our products are all approved by Grandma, who respects and cherishes our planet.  Find our "Approved by Grandma" logo on brands and products we love!